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Detect risky situations 
thanks to  AI and our experts 

NELIA combines artificial intelligence
and validation by experts 
to prevent risks of accidents




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Validation by experts 


& Flexibility

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Our services

NELIA provides concrete solutions to help you strengthen your expertise in risk detection.

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 The  Offline course 

Upload your site photos and videos to a dedicated server and we'll take care of the rest : pre-analysis by AI, validation by our expert and return of the report in less than 24 hours

"Offline processing offers a lot of flexibility. No more network or calendar constraints, all you have to do is transfer your images to be processed."

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 The  Live Coaching  course

Raise awareness and coach your teams to detect risky situations on their own site with our 100% digital solution based on artificial intelligence and human expertise.

"The coaching course allows, thanks to the video visit, AI and expertise, to gain 1 year of experience in risk detection for the learner"

About  NELIA 

A work accident is a human tragedy, a ton of administrative work, longer deadlines, higher insurance costs, shaken employees who can no longer work at full capacity, a hunt for the culprit, potentially legal proceedings. The consequences are terrible. On a human level first, but also in terms of costs and energy. Artificial intelligence has proven itself and is widely used in our daily lives. Thanks to it, we are able to increase our efforts to avoid accidents at work.

Igor Canonne - Founder of  NELIA 

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Artificial Intelligence and
 10 years of expertise 

Each image taken from the field is analyzed by NELIA and artificial intelligence to identify the first levels of risk situations. All of our HSE experts have over 10 years of experience. They allow us to keep a "human control" in order to certify and complete the analyzes reported to only restore the real risk situations, and the associated corrective actions.




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by an expert

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Immediate reporting

They tested and they approve


They support us


They talk about us

NELIA is on Channel 10

Presentation of NELIA and its service on the TV channel...

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Interview on RCI

Interview with Igor Canonne on the antennas of RCI ...

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Guadeloupe winner

NELIA is the Guadeloupe 2022 winner of the 10,000 start...

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ZE BOX incubator

NELIA incubated by ZE BOX for high-level support...


Le Prix Metabuilding

NELIA fait partie des 6 projets européens récompensés par...


The NELIA revolution

NELIA innovates and creates a coaching module for young managers...


Get started with our coaching journey

With our augmented video-live coaching solutions, you learn to better detect the risks of accidents in your daily work environment. This solution is unique.

1 video coaching session
with 1 expert

1 harness delivered for the session

Briefing  with the expert

Online planning  of the coaching session

Realization of the 3 sessions with the expert and AI analysis

Return at the end of the video
on the risks of the construction site 


To raise awareness of all types of personnel (experienced or not) on their ability to detect risks.

A dedicated live expert to answer all questions in real time.

/ learner

NELIA is also a team of experts
in Health, Safety and Environment !
For any  customized request  ,
do not hesitate to contact us

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