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Why choose NELIA?

Much more than a simple application, the NELIA method allows you to save time and effectively improve your risk prevention

A journey in several stages

NELIA combines  artificial intelligence  and 

  validation by experts  to prevent risks of accidents.

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Send the images of your construction sites

Take images of your construction sites (photos, videos) which you can then send to us whenever you wish.

We also offer in the  Coaching course  a harness to the learner and 1 coaching session to carry out a live visit and analyse risky situations with our expert.

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Artificial intelligence image analysis

Our   artificial intelligence   will analyze the transmitted images and identify the elements present : people, objects, vehicles, etc.

It is from these elements, and with a level of confidence, that the AI will then be able to define  risky situations  which will be submitted for validation to our risk expert.

Analysis and validation
by our expert

All of the images and risky situations reported by the AI are previously analyzed by our expert for  final confirmation .

The expert will thus be able to adjust and complete the risk analysis provided by the AI. He will also make his recommendations in  terms of concrete corrective actions . 

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Online results reporting and corrective actions

A  documented report   with the selected images, the identified risks and the corrective actions is then made available on a dedicated web page. A real summary of the site visit !

These will be added to à  complete database  along the courses and analysis.

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